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There you are, we have been expecting you. . .

After the untimely death of your family from your house fire, we were beginning to think you had forgotten about us living here in Wonderland. Don’t worry though; we have been here, waiting for your return.

The timing of your return could not have been more welcome, even if it requires a trip down memory lane, but here we present Wonderland once again ready for you to save it.

As always, the Queen is preparing an engagement that you have been invited to, however, this time around, she does not seem as friendly.

On your journey, do not hesitate and stop to see old friends or make some new ones. Your skills will be tested in more ways than one.

Hopefully, you will save our Wonderland once more. . . or die trying.




Original Release Date

February 20, 2018 - Version 1.0