The Studio

Chaotic Play is a solo indie game studio created by Cassidy Noble. I have been making games off and on for the last 10 years giving them out as presents, participating in game jams, or making little projects for my own entertainment.

As I have progressed in my development, I've started to collect more and more ideas from games and companies that I am inspired by - the Persona series, Rockstar, NaughtyDog, Edmund McMillen, and others - to create large worlds that feel vibrant and lively.

The intent of this studio is to create games that are fun to play, but also a little out of the ordinary and stir some emotive response. I'm always open to working with people on various projects and the hope is this studio can start to grow to a small team to create passion projects together.


As of right now, Chaotic Play isn't too big in social media. I do have a personal Youtube Channel I have been uploading progress videos on and you can email me and I will respond as soon as I can.



To see the information from Chaotic Play's previous name - Rabbithole Productions - please press the link below.